What's Happening at The Boutique

5th Birthday Salon Offers for October

October is upon us! That means a week from today the salon will be an amazing 5 years old. To help us celebrate we have some amazing offers on this month.

1. Manicure and Pedicure combo £35 - normally £43 available Monday - Saturday (closed Wednesday's). Upgrade to Gel Polish Mondays and Tuesdays with Sami £45 - normally £54.

2. Mary Cohr Beaute Lifting Facial £5.00 off regular price - 1 Hour - BEAUTE LIFTING - Taking years off your skin, A smoothing and firming treatment with Pro- Collagen. Step 1. Smoothes wrinkles with the Wrinkle Eraser, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid. Step 2. "Lift-effect" modelling with Pro-Collagen. Step 3. A firming mask with trace elements. All for just £40 throughout October.

3. Book in for an Environ Ionzyme Facial during October and receive a free 20 minute back massage.
Ionzyme Facial - Known generically as an electrical facial, the Ionzyme DF Machine is at the forefront of scientific skin care. The Ionzyme facial uses a unique dual combination to deliver specific Environ products, which contain active ingredients and vitamins A, C & E, into the lower level of the dermis. Here the products are utilised by the skins cells responsible for maintaining and repairing the skin.
The first method used is Iontophoresis (galvanic); a pulsed electrical current that increases the penetration of products by 400%. The second is low frequency Sonophoresis, which are sound waves the same frequency as that made by dolphins, and increases penetration of products by a staggering 4000%.
The Environ Skincare & Facial Range has been devised by leading South African plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandez. He continues to strive to achieve the best for our skin and is at the forefront of research and skin health. He is a member of the International Institute of Anti-Aging (iiaa). 1 hour 30 mins - £55

All New Facials

Focus Frown Treatment (45 mins) -- £55.00
Treats Forehead and Eye Area's
This highly effective treatment uses 'sonophoresis' sound waves to drive the Focus Frown Serum deeper into the skin using the Ionzyme Machine. We use a special pent-peptide serum containing Argireline to reduce wrinkle depth caused by contraction of muscles by up to 30%; Leuphasl to reduce
muscle activity; Vialox to reduce muscle response to nerve impulses and snake venom 'Syn-Ake'; a peptide that mimics the action of Temple Viper snake venom. Chemical research shows that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction, without paralysing the area for natural looking results. The Focus Frown Treatment is ideal for softening muscle activity in a mild non-invasive way.
Also available to purchase for home-care - Focus Frown Serum £120.00 - perfectly combined with the Cosmetic Roll-CIT £64.00 or the Cosmetic Focas-CIT £29.95 (both aid in better penetration of the serum for better results).
We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments once a week for 3 to 6 weeks, then top up with a once monthly Focus Frown Facial.

Course of 3 -- £148.50

CatioLift (50 minutes) -- £45.00
Lifting facial muscles CatioLift, a lifting treatment without surgery!
The skin weakens and ages due to fatigue and your age. The CatioLift treatment works in the deep and stimulates the muscles in the facial area. These muscles get more volume and a new elasticity. Your facial features will be spectacularly lifted and your contours stand out more. The CatioLift treatment exists of three phases:

Phase 1: draining stimulation
A stimulating diuretic therapy. It brings oxygen to the skin, detoxifies the tissues and activates the vital functions.

Phase 2: muscle stimulation
The muscle stimulation makes, as a passive gym, the facial muscles work to make the skin more firm and elastic. This has a lifting effect on the facial features and fills up little wrinkles.

Phase 3: revitalizing massage
Nourishes, regenerates and firms the skin, to prolong the lifting effect. Relaxes and helps the skin to calm down thanks to the magic powers of essential oils.

Now available to book at The Boutique! Launching Friday! Book this week and receive a free eyebrow shape!